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Below is a list of Translator blogs - pick your favorite. I've added the main language, then the secondary one if the translator in question uses more than one. Note that the blogs are in no particular order.

BTW, if one of the bloggers objects to a particular flag (say, because he is from Mexico and I've put the Spanish flag) then please be aware that I've put a flag for the language, not for the country of residence. And in those countries where there are several official languages at country level (say, Belgium) it becomes more tricky. I am however willing to change flags if somebody wants that change (e.g., UK flag instead of US one), provided it does not lead to confusion.


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English Mox's blog - A hilarious comic-book blog from a translator. My personal favourite.
English - Musings from an overworked translator
English - Reflections on words, expressions and the difficulties encountered on the bridge from the English to the French language
English IntoSpanish - Another translation blog
English Spanish Spanglish - Tales of a Spanish interpreter
English The Localization Tool - A blog about software localization
English I Can localize - Another blog about software localization
English Masked translator - the Zorro of translation?
English Transblawg- Weblog from Fürth on German-English legal translations
French Nouvelles de Zesty Dormouse - mon quotidien de traductrice, mes coups de gueule, mes sourires, des clins d'oeil... bref, des tranches de vie!


Thoughts On Translation ...the translation industry and becoming a translator

English Translation tribulations - An exploration of translation technologies, marketing strategies, workflow optimization, resource reviews and other topics of interest to translators, language service providers and language service consumers.
English Medical Translation Insight
English Fluent in 3 months - Unconventional language learning tips from Benny the irish polyglot - travelling the world to learn languages to fluency.
English Translation Times - The interpreneurial linguists and translating twins blog about the business of translation from Las vegas and Vienna.
English NJATB - Not just another translation blog
English Seguo le tracce - En-It medical/pharma translator, highly caffeinated perfectionist, horse lover, bookcrosser, blogger
English ¿Se habla English? - Life of a translator
English SEO Translator - How to optimize your web site localization and translation for the search engines.
English Thoughts on Translation
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